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Partner the leader in the logo design software market and share in the handsome profits! LogoSmartz software allows users to generate high quality logos without any knowledge of graphic design. No wonder it has rapidly become a best seller in the highly competitive logo space!
  Introducing the LogoSmartz Reseller Program
At Logosmartz, we provide you a customized reseller program through which you can reap the best selling benefits of LogoSmartz straight away. We provide you with all the required inputs to make your campaign strong and saleable. Sign up to be a Logosmartz Reseller
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  When you become an Approved LogoSmartz Reseller, you will enjoy all these facilities:  
Online marketing material such as banners, screenshots and graphics, product
summaries and logos
Uninterrupted technical support
Online advertising on the LogoSmartz website
Online Member Account tracking
Frequent updates on product releases
  Fill up the LogoSmartz Reseller Application and become a LogoSmartz Reseller today!  
How does one become a part of the Reseller program at Logosmartz?
  The reseller fills in the Application form available online.
  Once the application is approved, Reseller will be able to create an account with Logosmartz.
  Resellers can place the order by mail, phone or fax. Appropriate discounts will be given according to the number of licenses ordered.
  Logosmartz will then send the electronic download license registration keys and installation information to the reseller. Here the reseller has the sole responsibility to pass on these details to their customers.
  The Customers then visits the Logosmartz website and register themselves by providing their end user information, to be stored in our database. After successful registration the end customerís registration key will get activated.
  In case of any queries regarding Logosmartz, customers are free to directly contact our Customer Service experts.
  Logo Use
Our logo can be freely used by our resellers by adhering to the following conditions:
  Without the approval of Logosmartz, using any content not associated with is prohibited.
  Alteration or any form of modification in the logo or images by the Publisher is forbidden. Only resizing of the images and the logo is permitted.
  The logo of shall not be used for the purpose of promotion of any product or services, which is not a part of the family.
  A direct link to must be provided when clicking on logo, or a product.
  From time to time, Logosmartz might modify its logos or trademarks. Reasonable efforts shall be made to offer advance notice to third parties prior to making such modifications.
  Rights reserved with to refuse permission to the use of any logo at any instance due to a reason, without offering any justification for the same.
Use of Text and Advertising Copy  
Written information from our website may be used in order to assist you in sales and marketing of Logosmartz. Promotion of the products and services to prospective customers could be done ideally with product description and reviews. These will help update customers about the latest developments.
Reseller is prohibited from copying complete information from the website for any marketing process on his website. The reseller's site should differentiate in these terms: fonts, formatting, hues and the usage of information available on website. Feel free to contact our staff for any further information related to our products or else. We will be pleased to offer assistance to you.
Reseller Dept. Contact Info  
Phone: +1.800.405.7125 (toll free)
Customer Service Dept. Contact Info (for end customers)  
To apply to be a Logosmartz Reseller, simply fill in the Reseller Application Form  
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