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Affiliate Program

  You must be thinking that what is special about Logosmartz's affiliate program, what's in it for you? The answer is 'Plenty!' As a LogoSmartz Affiliate, benefits you get are:  
  You can earn 20% commission on every piece of software you sell
You can keep earning the affiliate commission on further purchases made by the customer on the site till 90 days
  LogoSmartz is a high quality product that helps even novices to design amazing logos. Valid transactions are doing well & now affiliates can share the profits without paying anything.
    Seven Benefits of becoming a LogoSmartz Affiliate
    We pay Affiliates at least 20% commission on all valid transactions  
    Attractive Valid transactions Incentives: If an affiliate sells software products costing more than $400 per month, he or she gets even higher commission.  
    Earn affiliate commission for up to 90 return days for the customers i.e. if the customer purchases the software from Logosmartz within 90 days of their last visit to the site, the affiliates will still get commission on the valid transactions!  
    Our dedicated affiliate management group is available for the affiliates any time to assist them with any needs and requests. Affiliates can contact us anytime.  
    Have access to high quality marketing material LogoSmartz material is quite persuasive and well designed.  
    The LogoSmartz Affiliate Program is totally FREE! You do not have to pay any money to become an affiliate.  
Valid transactions Target Level Commission Rate
  $500 25  
  $1,000 30  
  $1,500 35  
  $2,000 40  
  $2,500 45  
Generated valid transactions Per Day LogoSmartz Daily Income LogoSmartz Monthly Income
  1 $8 $240
  4 $32 $960
  10 $80 $2400
  20 $160 $4800
  40 $320 $9600
    How to join LogoSmartz affiliate program
  To join LogoSmartz affiliate program is really simple  
    What you need to do is to become a ClixGalore member. To sign up for ClixGalore Account, Click Here.  
    If you have already signed up with ClixGalore, login now & search for Logosmartz. ClixGalore will track & monitor all the affiliate transactions & will send you an email every time when you make a valid transaction!  
    In control panel of ClixGalore, you will find LogoSmartz relevant information with the help of which you can begin the promotion of LogoSmartz.  
  Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  
  How can you contact Logosmartz for affiliate help?
You can contact us at Logosmartz will respond to your requests within 24 hours of your email.
  How does it work?
It works in a very simple manner. When someone clicks on LogoSmartz links or banners present on LogoSmartz website, ezine or other promotional campaign or LogoSmartz newsletter, we put a cookie in the browser of that visitor. If the purchases are made within 90 days of visiting the link, the affiliate will get 20% on those sales.
  Can Affiliate place links in an e-mail?
Yes. An affiliate can promote LogoSmartz links according to his or her wish. The more is the number of people seeing & clicking LogoSmartz links, the more is the chance of an affiliate making valid transactions and earning more money!
  How will an affiliate get paid?
The affiliates are paid via ClixGalore and are given Real-Time statistics. The ClixGalore is being used by many online merchants and affiliates these days!
  How much it costs to become a LogoSmartz affiliate?
Nothing! There is no set up fee, no signup fee, no application fee and no minimum requirements of monthly valid transactions.
  Do Affiliates have to be a registered Logosmartz user to be an affiliate?
No. Affiliate may resell LogoSmartz products regardless of whether or not he/she is using LogoSmartz software!
  Can an affiliate include explicit information about LogoSmartz services on his/her site?
Yes. But Affiliate should avoid posting pricing details and/or features unless he or she plans to keep his/her website updated regularly.
  Are there any websites which can NOT participate in this program? Are there any restrictions?
Yes. The websites which Logosmartz will not allow are those which provide or promote illegal software distribution, hack, crack, warez etc. Never use spam to market Logosmartz.
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